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Fuel Injector Service

Fuel injectors are our specialty, not only do we have an ASNU Classic GDI to service your OEM top/side feeds and GDI injectors but we have a custom built bench designed and constructed in house specifically for racing injectors. 


We are able to accurately flow the largest offerings from BA, FT, Moran, Precision and AFIS.  Our goal was to build a bench setup exactly like our race cars, we match your battery voltage and base fuel pressure while performing these test, so we know exactly how they will perform when placed back in your vehicle.   Our graduated cylinders in our race bench are 2500cc each and are fed lab grade 80* Heptane via a 10GPM pump through 12AN PTFE lines and rails. 


 Every service consist of a pre cleaning analysis where we record flow volume, and spray pattern we also pressure test each injector and test the electrical coils inductance.  We then proceed through a 2 part ultrasonic cleaning process, first process cleans the exterior bodies, during the second process the injector is pulsed to allow the Bioclean solution to clean the injector internally.  Each injector then has the internal filters and external seals replaced and are flow tested again to confirm they are performing to OEM specs. 


A detailed PRE/POST cleaning analysis report is included with each injector serviced.

Cleaning starts at $15 per injector in the ASNU machine and $20 in our Race bench plus return shipping.  Please contact us with your specific injector info so we can provide an exact quote prior to shipping.

Below are a few images of injectors we've restored to OEM specifications.  

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